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Social Responsibility

Organic & Recycled Materials

Our desire is to use organic fabrics whenever possible. Bodhi Designs’ line of organic cotton apparel is Certified Organic, and produced pesticide-free. Our line of Eco wear incorporates recycled polyester into the fabrics.


 Social Responsibility

We are committed to economic, social and environmental responsibility. We consciously selected our vendors and business partners to reflect our values. The companies we work with have fair labor practices, provide a safe and healthy working environment, and are committed to minimizing their carbon footprint.


High Quality, Lasts Longer!

We searched long and hard to find the highest quality materials so that even with frequent wear, your clothes will last and look great.


Environmentally Conscious

We take responsibility for our environment seriously. Most fabrics are created with low-impact dyes that contain no heavy metals or toxic substances.


We Recycle

Bodhi Designs is committed to using recyclable packaging, and we’re working toward a paperless office and minimizing our impact on the environment.


Supporting Local & Small Business

We are based in Austin Texas, all the artwork for our apparel is locally designed and printed. Thank you for supporting us and all small businesses! Choosing to shop locally helps grow Austin's economy.


We Give Back

Bodhi Designs actively supports Austin Children’s Shelter by donating a percentage of its profits each year.



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