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About Us

“Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.” ~ Paulo Coelho


 Over the years I’ve collected uplifting quotes in my journal, which I refer to almost daily for guidance and motivation. Each quote holds its own energy, reminding me that all words carry great power. They influence how we think and they shape our actions.

 With a deep desire to share this power and positivity, I was inspired to use clothing design as my artistic vehicle. I wanted to align my designs with the essence of the quotes I had collected…Love. Simplicity. Joy. Compassion. Courage. Self Awareness.

The designs are stylish, timeless and sophisticated, while maintaining comfort and versatility. Ethically created without sacrificing comfort or quality, the soft feel of our fabrics and perfect fit make our clothing line unique.

I know you will find a design that resonates with you …. ENJOY!


 ~ Daniyela




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